Learn the stringent requirements of doing business with the government to avoid penalties and debarment

Angela Hendrix, JD, is one of the leading U.S. subject matter experts on Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) compliance. As President of Onsi Group, she is an experienced lawyer who has successfully delivered the systems, technology and training required for her clients to successfully navigate through DOL audits. Her seminars reflect the practical and real-world perspectives of an expert practitioner. Angela has over 10 years of direct experience working in and with government contractors. During this time she has played the lead in working with clients during compliance audits resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

U.S. Government Contractors – beware!
You are now under far greater scrutiny by the Department of Labor (DOL). Approximately 300 additional labor investigators have been hired by the U.S. Government to ensure compliance under the Service Contract Act (SCA) and the Davis-Bacon Act (DBA).

Are you Compliant? It is estimated that at least 50% of Contractors, and their subs, are currently out of compliance.
Did you know that Contractors are also subject to fines and penalties, both civil and criminal, if their subcontractors are out of compliance with the DOL requirements?

You need to know the requirements of doing business with the government. Don’t become upside down in your contracts!
If you want to give your company a solid foundation for winning and maintaining contracts, you need to know the requirements for doing business with the government. Not knowing your duties is not a defense against regulatory compliance – the penalties can be devastating and sanctions can be financially significant. They can go up to, and include, debarment!

SCA / DBA compliance training for Contractors?
Angela Hendrix and Onsi Group offer Essential-, Intermediate-, and Advanced-level seminars on SCA and DBA compliance. These classes are NOT just a recitation of the laws, but PRACTICAL training that will teach you how to apply the laws, remain in compliance, and keep your contracts profitable.In addition to training, you will receive the most recent language and templates for topics such as:

  • The Prevailing Wage Section of employee manuals
  • Sample letters to employees
  • Vacation, holiday and sick leave costing
  • Contract transfers
  • Non-compliance to compliance process and verification
  • Pricing strategies
  • Compliance process for the new "Non-displacement of Incumbent Service Employees" rule

Attend an Onsi Group Workshop, and feel confident knowing what to do to keep your company and its subcontractors compliant!
Don’t submit for another U.S. Government contract without being sure that you know the costs associated with being SCA/DBA compliant. You will be positioned to win more business, maximize profits, and feel more confident in your DOL compliance with Onsi Group’s training workshops.

Onsi Group’s Workshops are unique because:

  • Your learning is guaranteed! If you feel you need to take the training again – your tuition is FREE! + We understand it can be too much to fully assimilate all the critical details the first time attending a comprehensive practitioner course involving a complex subject matter. Come back for refresher training as needed!
  • Your instructor, Angela Hendrix, JD, is one of the foremost authorities on the subject, and approaches the training from the perspective of a practitioner not a professor.
  • You will have fun! The training is interactive and practical. You will learn the law and how to apply it!
  • You will have access to the templates for you to on-board at your company the next day! In addition, you will have access to new templates as they become available for a full year!
  • You will emerge from this training in a position to take immediate action to get your company DOL-compliant.
  • You will become an informed and valued member of your company!

How does Onsi Group Training Compare to others?
See our comparison chart here 

Who should attend?

  • Owners
  • Executive management
  • Business development team members
  • Proposal writers
  • Pricing specialist
  • Contracts administrators/managers
  • Recruiters
  • Human resources personnel
  • Benefits administrators
  • Payroll Manager
  • Program managers
  • Legal counsel
  • Financial personnel
  • Compliance officials

Eligible for continuing education credits. Please contact for details.